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Nuvax 780

The Nuvax 780 is the most reliable and useful ATV trailer on the market because of simple and strong electrical tipping system.  Nuvax 780 is designed for demanding conditions. The tailgate opens automatically when dumping.The front and rear edges of the dump are removable for carrying long materials (ex. logs and planks).​

  • The product is CE marked.

  • Dump operates with an electric winch that is wireless controlled.

  • The winch cable can be disconnected from the dump mechanism and passed through the presenter's line, allowing the winch to be operated like normal back winch.

  • Easy to use, sturdy support leg.

  • Dump is made out of film faced plywood, with galvanized strip protecting the edges

  • Automatically opening, removable dump gate.

  • Removable front.

Tech specs

  • Dump volume 780 liters.

  • Dump Dimensions L: 1960 mm W: 1150 mm H: 350 mm

  • Bogie swivel diameter 40mm, with grease port.

  • Maximum total mass of 1440 kg;

    • Dry mass 270 kg

    • Maximum load 1170 kg

Standard accessories

  • 1588 kg (3500 lbs) Bronco winch, wireless remote control

  • Lawn-Patterned 20 x 10.00-8 Tires

Optional accessories

  • Battery container

  • Warn winch

  • Terrain-Patterned 22 x 11.00-8 Tires

  • Swivel mount hitch

See All accessories here

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